KBibTeX is a reference management software primarily for BibTeX which is typically used in conjunction with TeX/LaTeX. Beyond normal editing capabilities, KBibTeX offers features such as searching and importing new references from Google Scholar or BibSonomy.

Stable release
0.9.80[1] / 16 November 2019; 3 years ago (16 November 2019)
Written inC++ (KDELibs, Qt)
Operating systemCross-platform
Available inMultilingual
TypeReference management software

KBibTeX uses KDE but is not part of the official KDE Software Compilation or Calligra. There exist two versions of KBibTeX: One that is built on KDE Platform 4, and another built on KDE Frameworks 5. KBibTeX was started in 2004 for KDE3.[2] The online version of documentation to KBibTeX is hosted on KDE documentation server along with a copy in PDF form for the purpose of offline reading.[3]

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