Ivo of Kermartin

Ivo of Kermartin, T.O.S.F. (17 October 1253 – 19 May 1303), also known Yvo, Yves, or Ives (and in Breton as Erwan, Iwan, Youenn or Eozenn, depending on the region, and known as Yves Hélory (also Helori or Heloury) in French), was a parish priest among the poor of Louannec, the only one of his station to be canonized in the Middle Ages. He is the patron of Brittany, lawyers,[2] and abandoned children. His feast day is 19 May. Poetically, he is referred to as "Advocate of the Poor".

Ivo of Kermartin, T.O.S.F.
Saint Ivo portrayed by
Rogier van der Weyden (15th century)[1]
Advocate of the Poor
Born17 October 1253
Kermartin, Duchy of Brittany
Died19 May 1303(1303-05-19) (aged 49)
Louannec, Duchy of Brittany
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church (Third Order of St. Francis & Brittany)
CanonizedJune 1347 by Pope Clement VI
Major shrineTréguier, Cotes d'Armor, France
Feast19 May
Attributesrepresented with a purse in his right hand and a rolled paper in the other hand; depicted between a rich man and a poor one.
PatronageBrittany, lawyers, abandoned children

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