Intellectualism is the mental perspective that emphasizes the use, the development, and the exercise of the intellect; and also identifies the life of the mind of the intellectual person.[1] In the field of philosophy, "intellectualism" is synonymous with rationalism, knowledge derived from reason.[2] Sociologically, the term intellectualism can also have a socially negative connotation about a man or woman intellectual who gives "too much attention to thinking" (single-mindedness of purpose) and who shows an "absence of affection and feeling" (emotional coldness).[2][3] Hierarchical Intellectualism or hierarchical theory of intelligence is any theory of intelligence postulating that the abilities constituting intelligence are arranged in a series of levels (of a hierarchy) ranging from general to specific.[4] Most notable Hierarchical Intellectualism is the use of the IQ test.

The Life of the Mind: the philosophic pioneer, Socrates (ca.469–399 B.C.)

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