Ich hab' mich ergeben

"Ich hab′ mich ergeben" (English: "I have surrendered myself", lit.'"I surrender"'), originally titled "Gelübde" ("Vow"), is a German patriotic song. The text was written in 1820 by Hans Ferdinand Maßmann. It was one of the unofficial national anthems of West Germany from 1949 to 1952, when the "Deutschlandlied" was officially reinstated.[1] Its tune is now used in the Micronesian national anthem.

Ich hab' mich ergeben
English: I have surrendered myself
The text in an old German song book, titled Gelübde

Former national anthem of
 West Germany
Also known as"Gelübde" (English: "Vow")
LyricsHans Ferdinand Maßmann, 1820
MusicAugust Daniel von Binzer, 1819
Preceded by"Deutschlandlied" and "Horst-Wessel-Lied" (by Germany)
Succeeded by"Deutschlandlied"
Audio sample
"Ich hab' mich ergeben" (instrumental)

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