Human rights in Somalia

Human rights in Somalia throughout the late 20th-century and early 21st-century were considered dire, but have gradually improved over the following years. Human rights are guaranteed in the Federal Constitution, which was adopted in August 2012. They fall under the Ministry of Human Rights established in August 2013.[1] The central authorities concurrently inaugurated a National Human Rights Day, endorsed an official Human Rights Roadmap,[2] and completed Somalia's first National Gender Policy.[3]

A Human Rights Task Force was established in February 2013 to firm up on the protection of individual rights.[4] The federal government in December 2014 organized a public awareness campaign,[5] passed a new 54-point national Child Protection Act,[6] and finished legislation on a Human Rights Commission bill.[7] According to the UN's Independent Human Rights Expert on Somalia, local human rights protection has gradually improved as government institutionalization and legislative reform have taken root.[8]

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