The House of Beauharnais (or House of Leuchtenberg; pronounced [bo.aʁ.nɛ]) is a French noble family. It is now headed by the Duke of Leuchtenberg, descendant in male line of Eugène de Beauharnais.

Noble family
Beauharnais coat of arms
CountryFrance, Sweden, Brazil, Portugal, Germany, Russia
Founded14th century (14th century)
FounderFrancis of Beauharnais
Current headNicolas de Leuchtenberg
Final ruler Josephine, Queen of Sweden
Style(s)"Imperial Highness"
"Royal Majesty"
"Serene Highness"
Autre ne sers[1]

(English: We do not serve others)
Estate(s)Château de La Ferté-Beauharnais
Palais Leuchtenberg
Mariinsky Palace

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