Hieroglyphic Luwian

Hieroglyphic Luwian (luwili)[1] is a variant of the Luwian language, recorded in official and royal seals and a small number of monumental inscriptions.[2] It is written in a hieroglyphic script known as Anatolian hieroglyphs.[3]

Luwian hieroglyphs at Hattusa
Extinctaround 600 BC
Early forms
Anatolian hieroglyphs
Language codes
ISO 639-3hlu

A decipherment was presented by Emmanuel Laroche in 1960, building on partial decipherments proposed since the 1930s. Corrections to the readings of certain signs as well as other clarifications were given by David Hawkins, Anna Morpurgo Davies and G√ľnther Neumann in 1973, generally referred to as "the new readings".

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