Gustavus von Tempsky

Gustavus Ferdinand von Tempsky (15 February 1828 – 7 September 1868) was a Prussian adventurer, artist, newspaper correspondent and soldier in New Zealand, Australia, California, Mexico and the Mosquito Coast of Central America. He was also an amateur watercolourist who painted the New Zealand bush and the military campaign.

Gustavus Ferdinand von Tempsky
Gustav von Tempsky , ca. 1868
Born(1828-02-15)15 February 1828
Died7 September 1868(1868-09-07) (aged 40)
Te Ngutu o Te Manu ("The Bird's Beak", Titokowaru's main Pa), New Zealand
OccupationAdventurer, artist, newspaper correspondent and soldier
Spouse(s)Emelia Bell
ChildrenRandal, Louis, and Lina
Parent(s)Karoline Henriette Friederike Wilhelmine von Studnitz and Julius Louis von Tempsky

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