Griffin (The Invisible Man)

Griffin, also known as the Invisible Man, is a fictional character who first appeared as the protagonist of H. G. Wells' 1897 science fiction novel The Invisible Man. In the original work, Griffin is a scientist whose research in optics and experiments into changing the human body's refractive index to that of air results in him becoming invisible. After becoming invisible, he wraps his head in bandages and dons a pair of goggles or glasses in order to enable others to see him. Unable to reverse the invisibility process, he descends into insanity and becomes a criminal.

The Invisible Man character
Griffin, portrayed by Claude Rains in the 1933 film in an invisible state wearing an outfit to enable others to see him
First appearanceThe Invisible Man
Created byH. G. Wells
Portrayed byClaude Rains
Andrey Kharitonov
Christian Slater
Oliver Jackson-Cohen
Michael Dorman
In-universe information
AliasThe Invisible Man
Significant otherFlora Cranley (fiancée)
RelativesFrank Griffin (brother)
Frank Raymond (grandson)

The character and variations thereof has been featured in various media, including films, television series and merchandise. The most famous non-literary incarnation of Griffin is portrayed by Claude Rains in the 1933 film The Invisible Man, distributed by Universal Pictures. The film spawned a number of sequels that feature different invisible characters. Griffin and the 1933 film have become iconic in popular culture,[1][2][3][4] particularly in regards to horror fiction. An adaptation of the original novella and remake of the original film, again titled The Invisible Man, was released in 2020.

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