Government of Wales Act 1998

The Government of Wales Act 1998 (c. 38) is a Welsh devolution Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

Government of Wales Act 1998
Act of Parliament
Long titleAn Act to establish and make provision about the National Assembly for Wales and the offices of Auditor General for Wales and Welsh Administration Ombudsman; to reform certain Welsh public bodies and abolish certain other Welsh public bodies; and for connected purposes.
Citation1998 Chapter 38
Introduced byRon Davies, Secretary of State for Wales
Territorial extent United Kingdom
Royal assent31 July 1998; 24 years ago (1998-07-31)
Other legislation
Amended by
Relates toReferendums (Scotland & Wales) Act 1997, Scotland Act 1998, Northern Ireland Act 1998
Status: Amended
Text of statute as originally enacted
Revised text of statute as amended

It was passed in 1998 by the Labour government to create a Welsh Assembly, therefore granting Wales a degree of self-government. This legislative body would later come to be known as the Senedd Cymru, or the Welsh Parliament.

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