French occupation zone in Germany

The French occupation zone in Germany (German: Französische Besatzungszone, French: Zone d'occupation française en Allemagne) was one of the Allied-occupied areas in Germany after World War II.

French occupation zone in Germany
Französische Besatzungszone Deutschlands
Military occupation zone of the French part of Allied-occupied Germany

French occupation zone, in blue
  TypeMilitary Occupation (member of Western Bloc)
Military governors 
Jean de Lattre de Tassigny
Marie-Pierre Kœnig
Historical eraPost-World War II
Cold War
May 8, 1945
 Federal Republic of Germany established
May 23, 1949
May 5, 1955
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Nazi Germany
West Germany
Saar Protectorate
West Berlin
Today part ofGermany
French forces in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, May 1946
Forces Françaises à Berlin (French Forces in Berlin) insignia after 1949

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