Free church

A free church is a Christian denomination that is intrinsically separate from government (as opposed to a state church).[1] A free church does not define government policy, and a free church does not accept church theology or policy definitions from the government. A free church also does not seek or receive government endorsements or funding to carry out its work. The term is especially relevant in countries with established state churches. An individual belonging to a free church is known as a free churchperson or historically, a free churchman.[2]

Free Church of Tampere, Finland

In Scandinavia, free churchpersons would include Christians who are not communicants of the majority national church, such as the Lutheran Church of Sweden.[3]

In England, where the Church of England was the established church, other Protestant groups like Calvinists (Presbyterians and Congregationalists), Baptists, the Plymouth Brethren, Methodists and Quakers are among those counted as free churches.[1]

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