Fifth Labour Government of New Zealand

The Fifth Labour Government of New Zealand was the government of New Zealand from 10 December 1999 to 19 November 2008. Labour Party leader Helen Clark negotiated a coalition with Jim Anderton, leader of the Alliance Party. While undertaking a number of substantial reforms, it was not particularly radical compared to previous Labour governments.

Fifth Labour Government

Ministry of New Zealand
Ministry in October 2005
Date formed10 December 1999
Date dissolved19 November 2008
People and organisations
MonarchElizabeth II
Governor-GeneralSir Michael Hardie Boys (1999–2001)
Dame Silvia Cartwright (2001–06)
Sir Anand Satyanand (2006–08)
Prime MinisterHelen Clark
Deputy Prime MinisterJim Anderton (1999–2002)
Michael Cullen (2002–2008)
Member partyLabour Party (1999–2008)
Alliance Party (1999–2002)
Progressive Party (2002–08)
United Future (2002–08)
Green Party (2005–08)
New Zealand First (2005–08)
Opposition partyNational Party
Opposition leader
Legislature term(s)
PredecessorFourth National Government of New Zealand
SuccessorFifth National Government of New Zealand

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