Farsi Island

Farsi Island (Persian: جزیره فارسی, romanized: jazīreye fârsī) is a tiny, barren Iranian island (Bushehr province) in the Persian Gulf. There is an IRGC Navy base on this island. The island has an area of about 0.25 km2 (0.10 sq mi) and is restricted from the public. The center of Farsi Island is located at latitude 27° 59' 36" N and longitude 50° 10' 22" E. Its maximum elevation is 4 metres (13 ft). The word Farsi means "Persian".

Jazireh-ye Farsi Lighthouse
LocationFarsi Island, Bushehr Province, Iran
Coordinates27°59′35″N 50°10′21″E
Foundationconcrete base
Constructionmetal skeletal tower
Height23 m (75 ft) 
Shapesquare pyramidal tower[1][2]
Markingswhite and black horizontal band tower
Focal height28 m (92 ft) 
Range16 nmi (30 km; 18 mi) 
CharacteristicFl W 15s 

In the late 1980s, during the "Tanker War" phase of the Iran–Iraq War, the IRGC used speedboats to launch attacks from Farsi Island on vessels of Iraq and its allies, including Kuwait.[3] The United States entered the Persian gulf to protect Kuwaiti oil shipments. Iran planted naval mines near Farsi Island on the route of the first convoy, consisted of US navy vessels escorting the Kuwaiti oil tanker Bridgeton, which hit one of the mines.

On January 12, 2016, Iranian Revolutionary Guards forces stationed at the island apprehended two small vessels and their 10 U.S. Navy sailors after the latter entered Iranian waters.[4] The incident prompted talks between the Iranian Foreign Ministry and the U.S. State Department regarding their release.[5] All 10 sailors and their vessels were released unharmed the following morning.[6]

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