Fall of the Berlin Wall

The fall of the Berlin Wall (German: Mauerfall) on 9 November, 1989, during the Peaceful Revolution, was a pivotal event in world history which marked the falling of the Iron Curtain and one of the series of events that started the fall of communism in Eastern and Central Europe, preceded by the Solidarity Movement in Poland. The fall of the inner German border took place shortly afterwards. An end to the Cold War was declared at the Malta Summit three weeks later and the German reunification took place in October the following year.

Fall of the Berlin Wall
Part of the Revolutions of 1989
Germans stand on top of the Wall in front of the Brandenburg Gate in the days before the Wall was torn down
Date9 November 1989; 32 years ago (1989-11-09)
Time18:53–19:01 (CET; UTC+1, press conference)[1]
LocationEast Berlin, East Germany
West Berlin, West Germany
CauseRevolutions of 1989

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