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The English Wikipedia is, with the Simple English Wikipedia, one of two English-language editions of Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia. It was founded on January 15, 2001, as Wikipedia's first edition, and, as of February 4, 2023, has the most articles of any edition, at 6,612,560.[1] As of February 2023, 10.9% of articles in all Wikipedias belong to the English-language edition; this share is down from more than 50% in 2003.[2][3] The edition's one-billionth edit was made on January 13, 2021.[4]

English Wikipedia
Main Page of the English Wikipedia in January 2023
Type of site
Internet encyclopedia
OwnerWikimedia Foundation
URLOfficial website (Mobile)
RegistrationOptional; required for certain tasks
Users44,955,860 users, 910 administrators as of 4 February 2023
Launched15 January 2001; 22 years ago (2001-01-15)
Content license
Creative Commons Attribution/
(most text also dual-licensed under GFDL)
Media licensing varies

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