Emirate of Nejd and Hasa

The Emirate of Nejd and Hasa was the second iteration of the Third Saudi State from 1913 to 1921. It was a monarchy led by the House of Saud.[1] The state was formed after Saudi forces seized Al-Ahsa from the control of the Ottoman garrison, during the Conquest of al-Hasa. It was the direct antecedent of the Sultanate of Nejd.

Emirate of Nejd and Hasa
إمارة نجد والأحساء
‘Imāra Najd wal-Āḥsā‘
Common languagesArabic
Sunni Islam (Salafiyyah)
GovernmentIslamic absolute monarchy
Abdulaziz bin Abdul Rahman
 Conquest of Jabal Shammar
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Emirate of Riyadh
Najd Sanjak
Sultanate of Nejd
Today part ofSaudi Arabia

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