Downing College, Cambridge

Downing College is a constituent college of the University of Cambridge and currently has around 650 students. Founded in 1800, it was the only college to be added to Cambridge University between 1596 and 1869, and is often described as the oldest of the new colleges and the newest of the old.[4] Downing College was formed "for the encouragement of the study of Law and Medicine and of the cognate subjects of Moral and Natural Science", and has developed a reputation amongst Cambridge colleges for Law[5] and Medicine.

Downing College
University of Cambridge
Downing College Chapel
Arms of Downing College
Arms: Barry of eight argent and vert, a griffin segreant or within a bordure azure charged with eight roses of the first seeded and barbed proper.
Scarf colours: black, with three narrow magenta stripes
LocationRegent Street, Cambridge (map)
Full nameDowning College in the University of Cambridge
MottoQuaerere Verum (Latin)
Motto in EnglishSeek the truth
FounderSir George Downing
Established22 September 1800; 221 years ago (22 September 1800)
Sister collegeLincoln College, Oxford
MasterAlan Bookbinder[2]
Endowment£45.5m (2017)[3]
Location in Central Cambridge
Location in Cambridge

Downing has been named one of the two most eco-friendly Cambridge colleges.[6]

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