Daljir Party

The Daljir Party (Somali: Xisbiga Daljir, abbr. XD or DP) was a liberal political party in Somalia. It developed from the tradition of socially conservative Islamism, but officially abandoned this ideology in favour of "conservative democracy".

Daljir Party
Xisbiga Daljir
ChairpersonHassan Moalim
Secretary-GeneralAhmed Moalim Fiqi
Founded1 December 2014
Dissolved4 October 2018
Split fromAlliance for the Re-liberation of Somalia
Merged intoUnion for Peace and Development Party
Headquarters7 Airport Road, Wadajir District Mogadishu
Cultural conservatism
Islamic democracy
Political positionEconomic:
Centre to centre-left
Centre to centre-right
SloganGuardians of the country, the people, the identity and the common good

Well known members of the party included the former Minister of Interior Abdilqadir Ali Omar, Abdikarim Hussein Jama former Minister of Information and current rector of City University Mogadishu and many Islamist and radical movements.

Hassan Moalim was the chairman of the party. The party's General Secretary Ahmed Moalim Fiqi was a former Somali ambassador to Sudan and served as the Director of Somalia's National Intelligence and Security Agency.[1][2]

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