Clifton Collins Jr.

Clifton Craig Collins Jr. is an American actor.[1] After starting in 1990, with small roles in film and on television, Collins gained attention for his performance as Cpl. Ramon Aguilar, a prisoner "serving" under an imprisoned general played by Robert Redford in the 2001 film The Last Castle. His extensive work includes featured roles in films such as One Eight Seven (1997), Traffic (2000), Capote (2005), Star Trek (2009) and Pacific Rim (2013). Collins extensive work on television series includes Crisis Center (1997), Thief (2006), which earned him a Primetime Emmy Award nomination, The Event (2010–2011), and Westworld (2016–2020).

Clifton Collins Jr.
Collins Jr. at the 2013 Weekend Of Horrors 11
Other namesClifton Gonzalez Gonzalez
Years active1990–present
RelativesPedro Gonzalez Gonzalez

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