Nord Lead

The Nord Lead is a series of virtual analog subtractive synthesizers, manufactured by Clavia.

Nord Lead
Nord Lead 2X
Dates1994 –
Technical specifications
PolyphonyNord Lead: 4 (12 expanded)
Nord Lead 2: 16
Nord Lead 2X: 20
Nord Lead 3: 24
Nord Lead 4: 20
Oscillator2 per voice
LFOTriangle / Sawtooth / Square / Random / Sample and Hold
Synthesis typeVirtual Analog Subtractive
Filter1 Digital multi-mode filter
AttenuatorADSR envelope generator
Aftertouch expressionNord Lead 3 only
Velocity expressionYes
Storage memoryNord Lead 1/2: 99 patches
Nord Lead 2X: 4x99 patches
Nord Lead 3: 1024 patches
Keyboard49 keys
Left-hand controlPitch bend, mod wheel
External controlMIDI in/out

Released in 1994, the original Nord Lead was the digital synthesizer that made the term virtual analog synthesis popular.[1] The now widely accepted term "virtual analog", was first coined by Clavia with the release of the Nord Lead.[2] This synthesizer was distinctive for its red coloration, knob-laden surface and unique pitch-stick and modulation wheel. After the Nord Lead, several updates followed suit; such as the Nord Lead 2, Nord Lead 3, and Nord Lead 2X.

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