Charlotte, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg

Charlotte (Charlotte Adelgonde Elisabeth Marie Wilhelmine; 23 January 1896 – 9 July 1985) reigned as Grand Duchess of Luxembourg from 14 January 1919 until her abdication on 12 November 1964.

The Grand Duchess in 1942
Grand Duchess of Luxembourg
Reign14 January 1919 – 12 November 1964
Prime ministers
Born(1896-01-23)23 January 1896
Berg Castle, Luxembourg
Died9 July 1985(1985-07-09) (aged 89)
Fischbach Castle, Fischbach, Luxembourg
SpousePrince Felix of Bourbon-Parma
Charlotte Adelgonde Elisabeth Marie Wilhelmine
FatherWilliam IV, Grand Duke of Luxembourg
MotherInfanta Marie Anne of Portugal

She acceded to the throne on 14 January 1919 following the abdication of her sister, Marie-Adélaïde, due to political pressure over Marie-Adélaïde's role during the German occupation of Luxembourg during World War I. A referendum retained the monarchy with Charlotte as grand duchess.

She married Prince Felix of Bourbon-Parma on 6 November 1919. They had six children. Following the 1940 German invasion of Luxembourg during World War II, Charlotte went into exile: first in France, then Portugal, Great Britain, and North America. While in Britain, she made broadcasts to the people of Luxembourg. She returned to Luxembourg in April 1945.

She abdicated in 1964, and was succeeded by her son Jean. Charlotte died from cancer on 9 July 1985. She was the last agnatic member of the House of Nassau. She was the last personal recipient of the Golden Rose and since her death there are no living personal recipients of that honour, which in modern times has been awarded only to churches and shrines.

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