Calumet High School (Chicago)

Calumet High School (Chicago)

Public secondary charter school in Chicago, Illinois, United States

Calumet High School–Perspectives is a public four-year charter high school and middle school located in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood on the south side of Chicago, Illinois, United States. Opening as Calumet Township High School in 1889, it became a Chicago Public School in 1900 and closed in 2006.[4][5] The Calumet school building is now used by two charter schools operated by the Chicago Public Schools system.

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The school opened as Calumet Township High School in 1889. It operated at first in a former elementary school on the city's east side, but the Chicago Board of Education eventually decided that a new building needed to be built to house the school. The new school building, at 81st and May Streets, was constructed during January 1925 and completed in 1926. It opened for students for the 1926–27 school year.[4]

The school closed after the 2005–2006 academic year due to poor performance and low enrollment. As a part of the Chicago Public Schools Renaissance 2010 program, the Calumet High School building now is home to two charter schools: Calumet – Perspectives Leadership Academy, which is located on the third floor,[6] and Calumet – Perspectives High School of Technology, which is located on the second floor.[7]

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The school was used as the filming location of the 1999 drama film Light It Up. Before its 2006 closure, the school was named Calumet Career Prep Academy.


Calumet competes in the Chicago Public League (CPL) and is a member of the Illinois High School Association (IHSA). The school sport teams are nicknamed The Warriors (formerly Indians). The boys' basketball team were regional champions in 2012–13.[8]

Notable alumni (1889 - 2006)

  • Martin Joyce - United States Air Force
  • George L. Safranek, PhD. (Class of 1950), - Geophysicist, Phi Beta Kappa, University of Texas
  • Billy Moore, - While a student, murdered top youth basketball player, Ben Wilson, in 1984


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