Brad Bellick

Bradley Bellick is a fictional character from the American television series, Prison Break. He is portrayed by Wade Williams. As one of the principal characters of Prison Break, he has been featured in the first four seasons of the series. The character was introduced in the series' pilot as Captain Brad Bellick, the leader of the correctional officers at Fox River State Penitentiary. Originally, he was the main antagonist of Michael Scofield and the escape team. In the second season, the character's role changes as the main plot moves away from the prison setting, which allows him to remain as one of the main characters in the series. While not possessing the educational rigour as Scofield or Agent Mahone, he has shown himself to be highly cunning and even been able to outsmart Scofield on numerous occasions and he must not be underestimated, and in Season 2 was able to track down several of the Fox River escapees and travel across America on a low budget. In season three, he is a prisoner in the Panamanian prison, Sona. In season four, Bellick became a member of Scofield's team dedicated to locating Scylla, but sacrificed his life to protect their mission.

Bradley Bellick
Prison Break character
First appearance"Pilot" (2005)
Last appearanceThe Conspiracy (2010)
Created byPaul Scheuring
Portrayed byWade Williams
Voiced byWade Williams
(video game)
In-universe information
  • Boss
  • Captain
  • Brad
  • Brian
  • Cap'n
OccupationCaptain of Fox River Correctional officers
Consultant for the FBI
FamilyEdna Bellick (mother)

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