Berthold, Margrave of Baden

Berthold, Margrave of Baden (Berthold Friedrich Wilhelm Ernst August Heinrich Karl; 24 February 1906 – 27 October 1963), was the head of the House of Baden, which had reigned over the Grand Duchy of Baden until 1918, from 1929 until his death. He was invalided out of Nazi Germany's Wehrmacht in 1940 after being injured in France.[1]

Margrave of Baden
Photographed in 1914
Head of the House of Baden
Tenure6 November 1929 – 27 October 1963
PredecessorPrince Maximilian of Baden
SuccessorMaximilian, Margrave of Baden
Born(1906-02-24)24 February 1906
Karlsruhe, Germany
Died27 October 1963(1963-10-27) (aged 57)
Spaichingen, Germany
FatherPrince Maximilian of Baden
MotherPrincess Marie Louise of Hanover and Cumberland

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