Bennet family

The Bennet family is a fictional family created by the English novelist Jane Austen, in her 1813 novel, Pride and Prejudice. The family consists of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet, and their five daughters: Jane, Mary, Catherine, Lydia, and Elizabeth, the novel's protagonist [2]

Bennet family
Jane Austen character
The Bennet family at Longbourn, by Hugh Thomson.
Illustration for chapter II (1894).[1]
In-universe information
Full nameBennet
OccupationLanded gentry
FamilyMr. Bennet and Mrs. Bennet
ChildrenJane, Elizabeth, Mary, Catherine, Lydia
HomeLongbourn House in the village of Longbourn, Meryton township, in Hertfordshire

Set in the Regency era, the family belongs to the landed gentry of Hertfordshire.[3] The complex relationships between the Bennets influence the evolution of the plot as they navigate the difficulties faced by young women in attempting to secure a good future through marriage.[4]

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