Bavarian Tarock

Bavarian Tarock (German: Bayerisches Tarock) or, often, just Tarock, is a card game that was once popular in Bavaria and also played in parts of Austria as well as Berlin. The name is a clue to its origin in the historical German game of [Gross-]Tarock, a game using traditional Tarot cards. At some point in the mid- to late-18th century, attempts were made to emulate Taroc using a standard 36-card German-suited pack, resulting in the formerly popular, south German game of German Tarok. During the last century, the variant played with a pot (Haferl) and often known as Bavarian Tarock or Haferltarock, evolved into "quite a fine game" that, however, has less in common with its Tarock progenitor. German Tarok also generated the very similar game of Tapp, played in Württemberg, and both are related to Bauerntarock, Dobbm and the American games of Frog and Six-Bid Solo. Bavarian Tarock should not be confused with Königrufen, also known as Austrian Tarock or just Tarock.[2]

Bavarian Tarock
Hearts are still a preference suit in some versions of Tarock
FamilyTapp group
Age range10+
DeckGerman, Bavarian pattern
Card rank (highlow)A, 10, K, O, U, 9, 8, 7, 6
Playing time45 min.[1]
Related games
Bauerntarock  Dobbm  German Tarok  Tapp
Contracts: pick-up, hand and point bidding

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