Bauerntarock ("farmers' tarot") also called Brixentaler Bauerntarock or Brixental Tarock,[1] is a point-trick card game played in the Brixental, Austria.[2] It may have originated in the 19th century either as an adaptation of 54-card Tapp Tarock onto the cheaper and smaller 36-card German pack.[3] Another possibility is that it was adapted from the 78-card Grosstarock or Taroc l'Hombre game as the ratio of trumps to non-trumps is almost the same.[4][5] It uses the Skat Schedule found in popular regional games such as Jass and Schafkopf. It is closely related to Bavarian Tarock, German Tarok, Württemberg Tarock and especially Dobbm.[6] Like Bavarian Tarock and Tapp, Brixental Bauerntarock and Dobbm do not belong to the true tarot games, but have adopted rules from Tapp Tarock. The most fundamental difference between these games and true tarot games is in the use of German or French decks instead of true Tarot playing cards.

Hearts are always trumps
FamilyGerman Tarok group
Card rank (highest first)D X K O U 9 8 7 6
Random chanceModerate
Related games
Bavarian Tarock  Dobbm  Tapp
Contracts: Hineinschauen and Sumpern
Special bonus: Spatz

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