Battalion tactical group

A battalion tactical group (Russian: Батальонная тактическая группа, batal'onnaya takticheskaya gruppa), abbreviated as BTG, is a combined-arms manoeuvre unit deployed by the Russian Army that is kept at a high level of readiness.[1] A BTG typically comprises a battalion (typically mechanised infantry) of two to four companies reinforced with air-defence, artillery, engineering, and logistical support units, formed from a garrisoned army brigade. A tank company and rocket artillery typically reinforce such groupings. BTGs formed the mainstay of Russia's military intervention in Ukraine from 2013 to 2015, particularly in the war in Donbas.[2]

In August 2021, Russia's defence minister said the country had about 170 BTGs.[3] Each BTG has approximately 600–800 officers and soldiers,[4] of whom roughly 200 are infantrymen, equipped with vehicles typically including roughly 10 tanks and 40 infantry fighting vehicles.[5]:pp. 11–13

A common misconception is that BTGs are a fixed formation, they have a flexible composition and are similar to German WW2 Kampfgruppe with units added to perform a required role and its the core of the Russian Army.[6] Possible usage of rumoured company sized assault detachments does not really change much as these would become BTGs if the role needed it but does allow more manuever elements.

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