Banknotes of the Norwegian krone

Norwegian banknotes are circulated, in addition to Norwegian coins, with a denomination of Norwegian kroner, as standard units of currency in Norway. From 1877, after the establishment of the Scandinavian Monetary Union, Norwegian banknotes of 1000, 500, 200, 100, 50, 10 and 5 kroner have been put into circulation. The first 200 kroner banknote was first published in 1994. The others have been in use since 1877. Banknotes of 5 and 10 kroner were in use until 1963 and 1983 when they were replaced by coins.

From 1917-1925 and 1940-1950 there was a shortage of small change, and 1 and 2 kroner banknotes were printed as "arbitration coins banknotes." The first edition was canceled in 1926, while the second edition was formally valid right up to 1999.

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