Ballantine Books

Ballantine Books is a major book publisher located in the United States, founded in 1952 by Ian Ballantine with his wife, Betty Ballantine.[1] It was acquired by Random House in 1973, which in turn was acquired by Bertelsmann in 1998 and remains part of that company today. Ballantine's original logo was a pair of mirrored letter Bs back to back, while its current logo is two Bs stacked to form an elaborate gate.[2] The firm's early editors were Stanley Kauffmann and Bernard Shir-Cliff.[3]

Ballantine Books
Parent companyRandom House, a subsidiary of Penguin Random House
Founded1952; 70 years ago (1952)
FounderIan Ballantine
Betty Ballantine
Country of originUnited States
Headquarters locationNew York City, New York

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