Bahram I

Bahram I (also spelled Wahram I or Warahran I; Middle Persian: 𐭥𐭫𐭧𐭫𐭠𐭭) was the fourth Sasanian King of Kings of Iran from 271 to 274. He was the eldest son of Shapur I (r. 240–270) and succeeded his brother Hormizd I (r. 270–271), who had reigned for a year.

Bahram I
King of Kings of Iran and non-Iran[lower-alpha 1]
Drachma of Bahram I
Shahanshah of the Sasanian Empire
ReignJune 271 – September 274
PredecessorHormizd I
SuccessorBahram II
DiedSeptember 274
IssueBahram II
Hormizd I Kushanshah
HouseHouse of Sasan
FatherShapur I

Bahram I's reign marked the end of the Sasanian tolerance towards Manichaeism, and in 274, with the support of the influential Zoroastrian priest Kartir, he had Mani imprisoned and executed. Bahram I's reign was largely uneventful. He was succeeded by his son Bahram II.

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