BAFTA Rising Star Award

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Rising Star Award, currently styled as the EE Rising Star Award for commercial reasons and previously known as the Orange Rising Star Award, is an award that acknowledges new talents in the acting industry. The award was created after Mary Selway's death in 2004. She has been recognised for her successful role as a casting director and has helped many new actors and actresses to their claim to fame. The five nominees are chosen regardless of gender, nationality and whether they have made a breakthrough in television, film or both. Despite the nominees being chosen by the BAFTA juries, the winner is chosen entirely by public votes via text, internet or phone. This award was sponsored by Orange UK until 2012. From 2013, it was sponsored by EE. The first winner was James McAvoy in 2006. As of 2021, Eva Green, Shia LaBeouf and Kristen Stewart have been the only non-British winners.

Rising Star Award
2021 Recipient: Lashana Lynch
LocationUnited Kingdom
Presented byBritish Academy of Film and Television Arts
Currently held byLashana Lynch (2021)

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