Anastasian Wall

The Anastasian Wall (Greek: Ἀναστάσειον Τεῖχος, Anastáseion Teîchos; Turkish: Anastasius Suru) or the Long Walls of Thrace (Greek: Μακρὰ Τείχη τῆς Θράκης, Makrà Teíchē tês Thrákēs; Turkish: Uzun Duvar) is an ancient stone and turf fortification located 64 km (40 mi) west of Istanbul, Turkey, built by the Eastern Roman Empire during the late 5th century.

Anastasian Wall
Ἀναστάσειον Τεῖχος (in Greek)
Anastasius Suru (in Turkish)
Map showing the course of the wall
Anastasian Wall is located in Turkey
Anastasian Wall
Shown within Turkey
Alternative nameLong Walls of Thrace
LocationIstanbul, Istanbul Province, Turkey
Coordinates41°12′0″N 28°20′0″E
TypeDefensive wall
Length56 km (35 mi)
Width3.3 m (11 ft)
Height5 m (16 ft)
PeriodsEarly Medieval

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