Allied Control Council

The Allied Control Council or Allied Control Authority (German: Alliierter Kontrollrat) and also referred to as the Four Powers (Vier Mächte), was the governing body of the Allied Occupation Zones in Germany and Allied-occupied Austria after the end of World War II. Members were the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, the United States and France. The organisation was based in Berlin-Schöneberg. The council was convened to determine several plans for postwar Europe, including how to change borders and transfer populations in Eastern Europe and Germany. As the four Allied Powers had joined themselves into a condominium asserting supreme power in Germany, the Allied Control Council was constituted the sole legal sovereign authority for Germany as a whole, replacing the extinct civil government of Nazi Germany.

Kammergericht, Berlin, 1945–1990 Headquarters of the Allied Control Council: View from the Kleistpark

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