Alexis Clairaut

Alexis Claude Clairaut (French pronunciation: [alɛksi klod klɛʁo]; 13 May 1713 – 17 May 1765) was a French mathematician, astronomer, and geophysicist. He was a prominent Newtonian whose work helped to establish the validity of the principles and results that Sir Isaac Newton had outlined in the Principia of 1687. Clairaut was one of the key figures in the expedition to Lapland that helped to confirm Newton's theory for the figure of the Earth. In that context, Clairaut worked out a mathematical result now known as "Clairaut's theorem". He also tackled the gravitational three-body problem, being the first to obtain a satisfactory result for the apsidal precession of the Moon's orbit. In mathematics he is also credited with Clairaut's equation and Clairaut's relation.

Alexis Claude Clairaut
Alexis Claude Clairaut
Born(1713-05-13)13 May 1713[1]
Died17 May 1765(1765-05-17) (aged 52)
Known forClairaut's theorem
Clairaut's theorem on equality of mixed partials
Clairaut's equation
Clairaut's relation
Apsidal precession
Scientific career

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