Al Majma'ah

Al Majma'ah (Arabic: المجمعة) is a city and a governorate in Ar Riyad Province, Saudi Arabia. It is located at around 25°54′14″N 45°20′44″E, and it is the capital of the Sudair region. The city has an area of 30,000 square kilometres. The population of the town is around 45,000, while the population of the governorate as a whole is approximately 97,349. Al-Majma'ah Governorate borders the Eastern Province and Al-Qasim to the north, Thadig and Shaqra to the south, Rumah to the east, and Harmah, Al-Ghat and Zulfi to the west.

Al Majma'ah
Historic place in Al Majma'ah
Al Majma'ah
Coordinates: 25°54′14″N 45°20′44″E
Country Saudi Arabia
ProvinceRiyadh Province
Time zoneUTC+3 (AST)

Founded in 1417 CE by an immigrant from the Alshammari tribe, Al-Majma'ah was historically considered the capital of the region of Sudair. It was an attractive place for many tribes such as Anazah and Shammar. The city today contains a museum as well as an impressive mud-brick fort that dates to the 18th century.

The city is covered in green during Spring, which makes it a national destination. Afia sudair supermarket famous in al majma'ah .There are many private farms consisting mostly of palm trees, but other fruits or vegetables can grow there such as citrus or berry.

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