Aimaq people

The Aimaq (Persian: ایماق, romanized: Aimāq) or Chahar Aimaq (چهار ایماق), also transliterated as Aimagh, Aimak and Aymaq, are a collection of Sunni and mostly Persian-speaking[7] nomadic and semi-nomadic tribes.[8] They live mostly in the central and western highlands of Afghanistan, especially in Ghor, Badghis. Aimaqs were originally known as chahar ("four") Aymaqs: the Taymani (the main element in the population of Ghor), the Firozkohi (mostly in Badghis), the Jamshidi and the Timuri.[9] Other sources state that the Aimaq Hazara are one of the Chahar, with the Timuri instead being of the "lesser Aimaqs" or Aimaq-e digar[10] ("other Aimaqs").

Total population
1,593,418 (2021)
4% of the Afghan population[lower-alpha 1][2][3][4]
Aimaq dialect of Persian, Pashto[5]
Mainly Sunni Islam (Hanafi)[6]
Related ethnic groups
Hazaras, Moghols, Tajiks, and Pashtuns[5]

The Aimaq speak several subdialects of the Aimaq dialect of Persian language, but some southern groups of Taymani, Firozkohi, and northeastern Timuri Aimaqs have adopted the Pashto language.[11]

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