Afro-Eurasia[1] (also Afroeurasia,[2] Eurafrasia[3] or the Old World) is a landmass comprising the continents of Africa, Asia, and Europe. The terms are compound words of the names of its constituent parts.[3] Its mainland is the largest and most populous contiguous landmass on Earth.

Area84,980,532 km2 (32,811,167 sq mi)
Population6.7 billion (2019)
Population density78.5/km2 (204.2/sq mi)
DemonymAfro-Eurasian, Eurafrasian
Time zonesUTC-1 - UTC+12

Afro-Eurasia encompasses 84,980,532 square kilometres (32,811,167 sq mi), 57% of the world's land area, and has a population of approximately 6.7 billion people, roughly 86% of the world population.[4]

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