Administrative divisions of Somalia

Somalia is officially divided into 18 administrative regions (gobollo, singular gobol) .[1] These are in turn subdivided into seventy-two districts (plural degmooyin; singular degmo)

Regions of Somalia
Gobollada Soomaaliya (Somali)
مناطق الصومال (Arabic)
  • Also known as:
  • Suddivisioni della Somalia (Italian)
CategoryFederal states
LocationFederal Republic of Somalia
  • 1860
Number18 Regions (as of 1984)
Populations362,921 (Middle Juba) — 1,650,227 (Banaadir)
(2014 estimates)
  • Region government

On a de facto basis, northern Somalia is now divided up among the autonomous region of Puntland (which considers itself an autonomous state) and Somaliland (a self-declared but unrecognized sovereign state). In central Somalia, Galmudug is another regional entity that emerged south of Puntland.[1] For these civil war divisions, see States and regions of Somalia.

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