A. Dirk Moses

Anthony Dirk Moses (born 1967) is an Australian scholar who researches various aspects of genocide. In 2022 he became the Anne and Bernard Spitzer Professor of Political Science at the City College of New York, after having been the Frank Porter Graham Distinguished Professor of Global Human Rights History at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.[2][3] He is a leading scholar of genocide, especially in colonial contexts, as well as of the political development of the concept itself.[4] He is known for coining the term racial century in reference to the period 1850–1950.[5] He is editor-in-chief of the Journal of Genocide Research.

A. Dirk Moses
Anthony Dirk Moses

1967 (age 5556)
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Academic background
ThesisThe Forty-fivers[1] (2000)
Doctoral advisorMartin Jay
Academic work
Notable worksThe Problems of Genocide
Notable ideasRacial century
German catechism

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