20th Television

20th Television[1] (formerly 20th Century Fox Television, 20th Century-Fox Television, and TCF Television Productions, Inc.) is an American television production company that is a division of Disney Television Studios, part of The Walt Disney Company.[2]

Twentieth Television
  • TCF Television Productions, Inc. (1949–1958)
  • 20th Century-Fox Television (1958–1985)
  • 20th Century Fox Television (1985–1989; 1994–2020)
IndustryTelevision production
FoundedMarch 15, 1949; 73 years ago (March 15, 1949)
Key people
Karey Burke
ProductsTelevision programs
ParentDisney Television Studios
(Walt Disney Television)

The original incarnation of 20th Television was the syndication and distribution arm of 20th Century Fox Television until it was folded into Disney–ABC Domestic Television in 2020.

20th Television was part of The Walt Disney Company's acquisition of the majority of 21st Century Fox's assets in 2019.[3][4] The company's current name was adopted in 2020 when Disney dropped "Fox" from the names of acquired 21st Century Fox assets.

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