2022 Somali presidential election

Presidential elections were held in Somalia in 15 May 2022.[1] The election was held indirectly and after the elections for the House of the People, which began on 1 November 2021 and ended on 13 April 2022.[2]

2022 Somali presidential election

 2017 15 May 2022 Next 
Nominee Hassan Sheikh Mohamud Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed
Alliance FNP
Electoral vote 214 110
Percentage 66.05% 33.95%

President before election

Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed

Elected President

Hassan Sheikh Mohamud

The elections were first scheduled to end on 24 December 2021.[3][4][5][6] By 25 December, only 24 of 275 representatives had been elected and the ongoing political crisis further complicated matters.[6] The incumbent president, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, has been in office since the February 2017 election and his term expired on 8 February 2021; however, it was extended until after the elections would be completed.[7] On 10 January 2022, Somali leaders announced they struck a deal to complete presidential and parliamentary elections by 25 February, after repeated delays that have threatened the stability of the country. The agreement was reached after several days of talks, hosted by Roble, with state leaders aimed at ending an impasse over the polls.[8] On 25 February, the presidential election was further postponed to 15 March.[9] On 15 March, the presidential election was again further postponed to 31 March in order to complete the election of the House of the People.[10] On 13 April, the election of the House of the People was completed.[2] The presidential elections date was thereafter set for 15 May. The International Monetary Fund threatened that Somalia would lose access to a three-year $400-million aid package if a new administration was not in place by the end of May.[11]

After three rounds, involving 38 candidates, parliamentary officials counted more than 165 votes in favour of Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, more than the number required to defeat the incumbent president. He was declared president in a peaceful transition of power after the incumbent president conceded defeat and congratulated the victor.[12] Celebratory gunfire rang out in parts of Mogadishu.[13] The United Nations in Somalia welcomed the conclusion of the election, praising the “positive” nature of the electoral process and peaceful transfer of power.[14]

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