2006 Montenegrin independence referendum

An independence referendum was held in Montenegro on 21 May 2006.[1] It was approved by 55.5% of voters, narrowly passing the 55% threshold. By 23 May, preliminary referendum results were recognized by all five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, suggesting widespread international recognition if Montenegro were to become formally independent. On 31 May, the referendum commission officially confirmed the results of the referendum, verifying that 55.5% of the population of Montenegrin voters had voted in favor of independence.[2][3] Because voters met the controversial threshold requirement of 55% approval, the referendum was incorporated into a declaration of independence during a special parliamentary session on 31 May. The Assembly of the Republic of Montenegro made a formal Declaration of Independence on Saturday 3 June.[4]

Montenegrin independence
referendum, 2006
21 May 2006 (2006-05-21)

Do you want the Republic of Montenegro to be an independent state with full international and legal personality?
Montenegrin: Želite li da Republika Crna Gora bude nezavisna država sa punim međunarodno-pravnim subjektivitetom?
Response Votes  %
Yes 230,711 55.50%
No 184,954 44.50%
Valid votes 415,665 99.15%
Invalid or blank votes 3,571 0.85%
Total votes 419,236 100.00%
Registered voters/turnout 484,718 86.49%

Results by council area
Note: saturation of colour denotes strength of vote

In response to the announcement, the government of Serbia declared itself the legal and political successor of Serbia and Montenegro,[5] and that the government and parliament of Serbia itself would soon adopt a new constitution.[6] The United States, China, Russia, and the institutions of the European Union all expressed their intentions to respect the referendum's results.

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