1848 French presidential election

Presidential elections were held for the first time in France on 10 and 11 December 1848, electing the first and only president of the Second Republic. The election was held on 10 December 1848 and led to the surprise victory of Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte with 74% of the popular vote. This was the only direct presidential election until the 1965 French presidential election.

1848 French presidential election

10–11 December 1848 1873 
Turnout7,542,936 (75.6%)
Nominee Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte Louis-Eugène Cavaignac Alexandre Ledru-Rollin
Party Bonapartist Republican Montagnard
Popular vote 5,434,226 1,448,107 370,119
Percentage 74.33% 19.81% 5.06%

Results by department

Elected President

Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte

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