Climate change is altering the chemistry of wine

Warming, wildfires and unpredictable weather threaten to disrupt the delicate processes that underlie treasured wines. Researchers and producers are innovating to keep ahead.

Ula Chrobak • knowable
June 22, 2022 ~25 min

This myth about guns is killing us

The idea that gun violence prevention research is at odds with gun rights is just not true

Mark Rosenberg • knowable
June 20, 2022 ~9 min

How cities can fight climate change

Urban activities — think construction, transportation, heating, cooling and more — are major sources of greenhouse-gas emissions. Today, a growing number of cities are striving to slash their emission to net zero — here’s what they need to do.

Deepa Padmanaban • knowable
June 9, 2022 ~15 min

How smart windows save energy

Specialized glass that keeps heat in during winter and lets it out during summer could make buildings much more efficient — if costs and complexities don’t get in the way

Brittney J. Miller • knowable
June 8, 2022 ~13 min

Mitochondria and the origin of eukaryotes

Were the powerhouse organelles a driving force or a late addition in the evolution of more complex cells like ours?

Viviane Callier • knowable
June 8, 2022 ~12 min

Call of the deep

Some of the ocean’s biggest predators dive way down into the cold, dark depths. Animals-turned-oceanographers are helping biologists find out what they do when they get there.

Stephanie Pain • knowable
May 31, 2022 ~24 min

Sex, immunity and the brain

Differences between the immune systems of males and females — in particular, ones involving cells called microglia — might help explain why the risk for conditions such as autism and Alzheimer’s varies between the sexes

Amber Dance • knowable
May 25, 2022 ~16 min

Make electric vehicles affordable for the rest of us

EV subsidies are poorly designed and mostly benefit the rich. Some simple changes could make them more effective and equitable.

Tamara Sheldon • knowable
May 19, 2022 ~7 min

The creative way to pay for wildlife recovery

‘Pragmatic rewilding’ restores damaged ecosystems and harnesses private money, with benefits for all

Paul Jepson • knowable
May 18, 2022 ~7 min

A lifetime of climate change

Researcher Arun Agrawal has lived three decades on either side of a watershed: the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, signed 30 years ago this June. His 60 years are a window into how far we have come, and how far there is to go.

Nicola Jones • knowable
May 13, 2022 ~22 min