More use of Paxlovid to treat COVID could save a lot of lives

"...there are real benefits to using Paxlovid, not just for the patients receiving treatment, but for the people around them."

Esther Robards-Forbes - UT Austin • futurity
yesterday ~5 min

Discrimination drives smoking habits and boosts heart disease risks

Discrimination can influence unhealthy coping behaviors such as smoking, thereby increasing the risk of heart disease, researchers say.

Rachel Harrison-NYU • futurity
yesterday ~6 min

Bug vision findings could shed light on retina diseases

"Our study challenges traditional assumptions about the similarities and differences of human and insect vision."

Pat Harriman-UC Irvine • futurity
Feb. 26, 2024 ~4 min

How snakes became ‘evolutionary winners’

"...snakes have been evolving faster than lizards in some important ways, and this speed of evolution has let them take advantage of new opportunities..."

Jim Erickson-U. Michigan • futurity
Feb. 26, 2024 ~9 min

ChatGPT shows more altruism and cooperation than people

Researchers have used “behavioral” Turing tests to evaluate the personality and behavior of a series of AI chatbots.

Jared Wadley-U. Michigan • futurity
Feb. 26, 2024 ~5 min

Driver’s license laws may improve health for undocumented immigrant moms and babies

Laws that allow undocumented immigrants to get driver's licenses boost the overall health and well-being of immigrant moms and their babies.

Sara Savat-WUSTL • futurity
Feb. 26, 2024 ~8 min

Vaccine in development could offer better flu protection

Researchers are developing a new recombinant flu vaccine that has the potential for stronger and broader immunity.

Cory Nealon-Buffalo • futurity
Feb. 26, 2024 ~6 min

Living in violent neighborhoods changes kids’ brains

Living in violent neighborhoods can change children's brain development, but parents can shield them from the detrimental effects.

Jared Wadley-U. Michigan • futurity
Feb. 26, 2024 ~6 min

More green spaces tied to better city dweller mental health

A new study suggests that exposure to green spaces in urban areas has positive benefits for mental health.

Dee Dee Grays-Texas AM • futurity
Feb. 26, 2024 ~5 min

Prairie voles show how sex and intimacy rewire the brain

To find out how sex relates to lasting love, scientists studied prairie voles, one of the few mammals that form long, monogamous relationships.

Marc Airhart-Texas • futurity
Feb. 23, 2024 ~5 min